Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Salty Like Blood

I actually enjoyed this book. I say "actually" because at first I was a little put off when I read that the author, Harry Kraus, described himself as a "Christian writer" and was worried that it would play too big a role in his writing for my taste. However, this was just not the case. Christianity does play a minor role in the novel, but not in the way one expects. In fact, the main character, David Conners - an M.D. who's daughter goes missing - spends more time questioning his faith and the existence of a god who would allow this tragedy to befall his family then he does finding solace in that god's message.

Overall, this is a great detective story. Of course, our "detective" is also the catalyst for much of the conflict in the story - taking his daughter's kidnapping into his own hands, and eventually becoming judge and jury for the other players in the story.

An engaging read, and good for those who enjoy medical mysteries, family stories, and plenty of self-reflection and examination by the characters.

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